Uncharted: A Kings Treasure || Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan & Elena Fisher || Closed RP


Elena ducked down behind a half-collapsed pillar, her gun in her hands before she was even aware of drawing it. Their pursuers must have realized that they’d been spotted, because they weren’t taking much care to be quiet now. Heavy footsteps approached, the echoes in the tunnel making it impossible to tell how many people there were.

She took a deep breath and poked her head out of cover. No sooner had she gotten her eyes above the top of the pillar than guns cracked, the muzzle flashes almost blinding in the darkness of the tunnel. Elena dropped back down with a muttered curse. “Oh, shit.”

Crap. It wasn’t uncommon for them to be tailed, but he’d hoped that after their excursion in the British Countryside, they would have been left well enough alone. Then they were met by thugs above ground. “You’ve gotta be kidding…” Nathan muttered under his breath as he took cover just on the other side of Sully — whatever space was left to him. The pillar he’d chosen had all but crumpled away with time, but it was something. Looking to the side towards Elena, he held up a single index finger. They would be limited to their guns only, as grenades would do far more damage down here in a confined space. He really didn’t want to be buried alive today.

Keep your eyes open, men! They’re down here somewhere…” More than likely the head honcho of the hired hand brigade.Wonderful. 

Sit it out. Wait for them to come to you, and…

Looking ahead of him, he watched the shadows with careful gaze, waiting for the best moment to strike. A quick hand, he’d grab at the back of one of the guards shirts, drag him down and elbow him right in his cervical, and dragging him over the pillar. Of course, it wasn’t as swift as he’d planned because soon after the fact, gunshots rang out, curses pooling over parted lips.

Penny for your thoughts | Nathan Drake & Ellie Williams


    Ellie made a startled noise at the back of her throat, her eyes widening. She hadn’t quite meant for her question to be taken so seriously; she was calling a bluff, figuring that he’d actually have a step 2 to this whole thing. “Are you fucking kidding me?” The girl snapped, her gaze turning to the alleyway. Those boys would rip her to shreds now. Ellie huffed, shaking her head, and briskly began walking. Let’s see, if she could work her way to the edge of the city by nightfall, it would take her three or four hours to get to the next town over…  ”Gee, thanks for your help.”

Nathan watched her with a wary gaze, stepping off to the side as she started her little voyage; if you could even call it that. “Hell of a way to treat someone who was trying to at least lend a hand — save you from whatever this is." But he knew full well what that was.



He’d only gotten just two mercenaries to fall when Nate had gotten his attention again. He dove beneath cover again and graciously took the pistol. “Good thinking, kid,” he said, securing it in his own holster. A full magazine could very well mean their ticket out of here.

Sully reloaded his revolver and readied his aim, taking account of their enemies movements. They were beginning to close in, and well covered. Damn it.

One on the left was dimwitted enough to shy away from their hiding spot, and he fired twice before the figure shrunk back again. Down, but not out.

He’d have to take more of them out quick before they would start getting flanked. Damn it, what he wouldn’t give for a grenade right now…

Nathan shifted from behind cover as Sully reached out, taking the pistol from his grasp. Some of his plans may have been farfetched but, desperate times called for desperate matters. He kind of felt sorry that he didn’t have a grenade, but in their current situation…

Part of him wanted to pine at Sully, to tell him to be careful…tell him to leave him here, that he wasn’t going to be able to make it out, carrying his dead weight. But he knew what Sully would say, so he;d keep his mouth shut, for the most part — save his strength.

Make it through.

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             That growl elicited another whoop of joy from Vaas, who began
             to laugh loudly, the sound echoing in the small room. The
             onlooking thugs also laughed, and he accepted a high-five from
             one before turning back. Once more, he squatted toward the
             ground, tapping the tip of his makeshift weapon against the floor.
             ”Hey. You still awake? If you’re still awake, brother, I’m gonna be
             fuckin’ impressed. You’re a persistent piece of shit, I’ll give you

Stay awake. Power through. His head throbbed, body and mind crying out in protest when he moved his head, like he’d forgotten his surroundings; like apart of some cruel nightmare and he was trying to wake himself up. But a few more hits with the 2x4 dashed that. This was a living, breathing nightmare, and no matter how hard he willed himself — no — thought he would actually get out of this, his skull would eventually fracture, and his brains would line that chunk of wood.

"Y’…stil awake…"



                           { ⋄ } — As the man, Nathan,  stands, she takes the moment
                           to better appreciate his physical form. She makes not attempt
                           to hide the way her eyes wander, as if appraising a bit of catt-
                           le before slaughter. Those guarding her tense in the slightest
                           bit, grips firm on their weapons, but the item he produces is
                           at least seemingly harmless. A journal.  She trails after him, 
                           and looks with interest at his crudely drawn map. With the fa-
                           intest hint of a smirk — compliance was the only action that
                           would leave this one with his life — she hums softly. Her head
                           tilts the slightest bit as she tries to fill in the details that have 
                           been left out of his depiction. She knows this island, as do her
                           warriors — the circled area, while some distance away, was 
                           not impossible to reach. If there was only one word to describe
                           the Rakyat, it was determination. This Yusuf would not linger
                           on her island for long. At least, in life. Carefully, she lifts her
                           hand and ghosts her fingertips over this outsider’s shoulder,
                           in a sort of appreciative gesture. “Thank you, Nathan. My men
                           will move forward on this.” She pauses, lips softly parted as
                           once more, her eyes dance over his features, “It would be for
                           the best if you left. Do not return to this place, and you may
                           keep your life.”

Blinking, he’d close his sketchbook, quickening his pace to catch up to her. He’d stop dead in front of Citra. “Woah, woah, wait. Hold on.” Nathan began, “If anything I should stay. See this thing through…” Whatever it ended up becoming.

"I want to help."

Penny for your thoughts | Nathan Drake & Ellie Williams


    The girl fidgets, a frown setting in as he speaks. She has to admit; the other passerbys only stopped, watched, and decided not to interfere. After all, they had business to attend to, and it wasn’t like the poverty-stricken individuals didn’t pass the time fighting for scraps just like the fellow stray dogs that accompanied them at times. At least, that was what they believed.

    “Alright, point taken,” She replies, a bit of caution in her voice. “So now what, hero? What was your followup plan to avoid retaliation from those guys?” Not that she expected him to have one — she’d be out of here by nightfall anyways. Being strangled and her body disposed of in the maze of alleys did not sound particularly pleasant; she would like to avoid such happenings.

He blinks at her question, before he also finds himself fidgeting. A nervous laugh would follow. “Y’know? I didn’t…really think that far ahead.” The usual plan was to run like hell, but if that didn’t work, you fought like your life depended on it. But she already did that before he stepped in. “…Probably get the hell out of here before they come with back up.”


Plot # 42: Ghost (concept submitted by:charlesworthy-iii)

In the prime of their life, Muse A perishes in a tragic car accident. Shortly after, Muse B, who is in desperate need of an organ transplant, gets the call that they’re next on the list for donation. Muse A was an organ donor and because Muse A and Muse B were a perfect match, Muse B becomes a recipient of the vital organ from the recently departed Muse A. The transplant surgery goes well, however there are unforeseen side effects. While in the hospital, Muse B begins to see flashes in the corner of their eye of a person they’ve never seen before, Muse A. At first, Muse B dismisses the creepy sightings, assuming it has something to do with the medications they’re on. Once Muse B’s allowed to go home, the sightings become more frequent and Muse A’s non-corporeal form becomes more vivid. Muse B experiences the shock of their life when Muse A actually begins to speak to them one day, suggesting that they’re now connected somehow because of the transplant. Muse A may be dead, but they’re still hanging around and only Muse B can see them. Muse B is stuck with Muse A’s spirit at their side, and they have to learn how to live together for an indefinite future.


  • Muse A cannot leave a certain distance from Muse B.
  • Muse A can hear Muse B’s thoughts.