Elena snorted. “Nope,” she said. “I’d say you should get a new phone, but I’d hate to spend all that money just to see it get destroyed when you drop it off a cliff or into an ocean or something.”

He frowns at her. “Well, I’ll just have to try it out on your tablet.”


"It’s like Scrabble," she said. "You play on your phone with friends." She shot him a sidelong glance. "How have you not heard of this?"

There’s a reason why he has a flip phone. The most he can play is like, the oldest version of bejeweled. If he were to get his hands on angry birds? Game over. He holds out his phone, wiggling it in mid air like a child. “Will it work on this?”

Q: "I think I broke it."

"There’s a fine line between ‘you think you broke it' and 'I know I broke it’.”

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"Kicking Chloe’s ass at Words with Friends," she replies, then smirks at the screen. "Ha, twenty-one points."

He continues to stare at her. “The hell is ‘words with friends’?”


"I think so." Elena doesn’t look up from her tablet. "Pretty sure I got some last time I was at the store. You could always go check." She waves a hand in the general direction of the kitchen.

He frowns at her offhanded gesture towards the kitchen, and actually glances over his shoulder like he’s actually thinking about getting up, and actually checking. But he doesn’t move. He instead looks back at her and arches a brow. “What are you doing?”

Literal child. 

ohgodyoudidthething haven i am goinG TO CRY



"It’s not my birthday, your birthday, or our anniversary. So I’ve got no idea."

Nathan stares at the empty space ahead of him, making a face at nothing. Maybe it was just the fact that he’d had no jobs in the past few weeks that was starting to get to him? Probably. “Did we get milk?” We, as in her, which meant he was talking about her last trip to the supermarket.

"I know I’m forgetting something…"


The revolver clicked empty after a missed round, and Sully tossed it aside in frustration. Worthless. He reached for Nate’s pistol sitting in his holster, and peeked from out of cover. Had to see how many were left. Two, three, four five…so, six or seven goons left. He had to make these last fifteen or so bullets count, else he’d have to get Nate and himself to start hauling ass.

A bullet whizzed past his ear, and he swore as he dove back to safety. He glanced over to Nate, who seemed to be in worse shape with each passing minute. Sully felt something like a fire swell up inside of him, and fired.


One down.

He retreated again before firing twice at another, making him drop the grenade he was about to launch. A panicked cry rang out, and Sully could just barely see from behind cover two bodies sent flying from the blast. Progress.

Another closing in on his right, a big armored fellow, had taken four bullets to take down, the other one next to him had been a lucky headshot. But that still left one man unaccounted for. Where the hell…?

Sully nearly jumped out of his skin when a figure appeared by his left flank, his assault rifle aimed squarely at Nate. He cried out in rage before emptying three rounds into the man’s chest, and he all but fell at kid’s feet.

After that, nothing. Absolute silence.

Nathan shifted, trying to keep himself in cover while Sully worked his magic, in a completely different way than what the norm was. Breathe, you’ll pull through. He could hear Sully in his head, coaxing him on, but he could feel himself slipping, failing to stay alert. That was where it all seemed to blur, the Armored man rounding the cover, aiming the assault rifle at him.

Goodbye cruel world.

He squeezed his eyes shut, grimacing, hearing the gunshots sound and it took a few seconds for him to open his eyes, realization flooding his face. He looked to the side at Sully, pistol held in the air. He could feel his anger; his hatred from where he sat.

"Too close…" He huffed out, between a weak laugh.