Imagine your icon being your sole companion in the zombie apocalypse. They have all the powers they have in the movie/game/show they’re from.

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They arrived at the hotel a little after 1pm, thanks to a small traffic jam on the way to Taxila. As the candy apple Toyota rolled to a stop in the parking lot of the Royalson Hotel, Solomon cut the engine and hopped out, saying something about checking the room as he jogged into the lobby, leaving Chloe and Nate to retrieve their luggage from the boot of the car.

“Ugh, finally,” Chloe muttered as she extracted herself from the back seat of the tiny coupe, stretching her legs. Solomon walked back out of the hotel just as they got their bags out of the trunk.

“So it slipped my mind that check-in isn’t until two,” he said, though he waved over a bellboy with a cart. “But they’ll hold onto your bags and you can just get something to eat at the cafe and wait for half an hour or so.” He loaded up the trolley cart with their luggage and slipped the bellboy a fiver before their bags were wheeled away and Sol continued talking, closing the trunk of the car and crossing back to the driver’s side. “Go cool off, get settled, have some fun! Tomorrow morning my contact will pick you up and take you over to meet the client and make the introduction—third party introductions are a big thing over here—and I should see you both back in London in a week, if everything goes to plan!” He slid into the driver’s seat of the Toyota and winked at Nate, giving a wave to the both of them before starting the engine and setting off again. Chloe sighed.

Fantastic,” she said, sarcastically. “He’s just…leaving us here.”

"Did you expect him to stick around?" Nathan replied, arching a brow at her, watching the bellboy as he carted their bags off. "Alright. Well…" He let out a sigh, attention then shifting to their surroundings, hands upon his hips. "We might as well take Solomon up on that, since we can’t get into our room — get ourselves out of this heat and get some food in our bellies."

Shielding his eyes from the sun, he’d extend an index finger and  point down the way.

"Looks like there’s, ah, a cafè down the block. We could get something from there."

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      “           you ain’t  g o t s  t’lie. “


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{ ☣ } —; It was with no more than a snort and the shake of a head that darkly hued eyes dropped downwards towards unoccupied lap, fingers picking upon prepared meal as if it were no more than an uninteresting method of amusement. He is not resistant to partake within meat’s consumption, par say, but it was worth the beginnings of hesitation. He had been joking in regards to companion’s withdrawal from what had been more or less captured game, yet even so, it seemed as if the other male himself was not aware of such a fact. Perhaps it was in the way information had been delivered, or perhaps it was due to the fact that his humor lacked a certain amount of genuine comicality about it. Either way, it was with the production of a gusty suspire that he glanced upwards once more, a singular digit pointing towards awaiting spit, pairing such action with a brief and all but jerked nod.

   ❝—Can grab some if you want, kid. Ya know that, right?

He felt smaller than he usually did, more so with this guy, which was a big part of his hesitation. It was like he was a feral animal, waiting for the bigger animal to finish before he took up the scraps, eating whatever he could get his grimy little paws on. Tilting his head up, he looked to the side at Joel, swallowing hard. “Uh.” There was a quick pause, before he shifted in his spot and nodded his head.

He thought he had to wait, but that wasn’t the case. With the spit in arms reach, he plucked off whatever he could grab at, retreating back to his little nook. An unspoken thanks towards the other male was extended as he dug right in.

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     ” don’t think i didn’t see
       you pick that wedgie. “

"The only thing I pick are pockets.”

"And sometimes my nose."

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this is suicide and you k n o w i t

     just go

Kiku, when you said you were making something to break my heart, I never expected it to be this.

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           s t a r e s  at.

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Chloe removed her sunglasses to stare at the ring, held between her thumb and forefinger, while Solomon spoke. Should have gotten more money out of him, she thought, slipping the ring onto her finger with a sigh. Her gaze shifted from the silver band to Nate when he spoke, an insincere smile twisting her lips at his little joke.

“Oh, of course not, darling,” she drawled, reaching forward to flick the back of his head before sitting back in her seat and slipping her sunglasses back on. She crossed her arms and gave the ring another cursory glance before opting to stare out the window again, chewing on her bottom lip. Just another job, she assured herself. She’d done worse things for a job.

“I thought not,” Solomon continued, blissfully unaware of the sudden tension in the back seat. “With your history, you should have no problems convincing anyone, right?”


Yeah, he should have expected that.

Reaching up his right hand to rub at the back of his head, he looked over his shoulder at Chloe, his attention then lingering on Solomon. He sunk into the passengers seat, blowing a raspberry at nothing in particular.

It didn’t mean they’d enjoy it, other than poking fun at each other like they had moments beforehand.

"What happens in Pakistan, stay in pakistan," He’d reply with a shrug of his shoulders.

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killer-scholar-businessman asked: 1, 2, 4, 8

1. Why did you choose the character you play?

When I was a kid, I had this vast desire and want to be an archeologist. Indiana Jones was my thing; and thus, a smart-ass thief came to be! I usually base my choices or characters I roleplay on personality, and whether or not I’ll be able to pull them off, given my own personality.

2. Do you associate yourself with this character in any way?

Oh, yeah. 100%.

4. What do you dislike about your character?

Their inability to have acceptance for/properly deal with their emotions. Though I’ve more or less accepted it by now, after lumbering around on this character for a little over a year.

8. Do you see yourself keeping this muse?

I don’t see this muse going away anytime soon, lovely. :)

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“For the love of god, Solomon, tell me there’s air conditioning in this piece of shit,” Chloe made a face at the car as she walked toward the trunk, but Sol’s hesitation made her stop just before hefting her bag into the trunk. “There is, isn’t there?”

“Well, no, actually,” Sol said. To his credit, he at least sounded apologetic about it. He shrugged defensively when Chloe stared at him incredulously, and the man lifted his hands in surrender. “It was the best I could find at such short notice! You only have to put up with it until we get to the hotel, I promise.”

“Yeah, I’ve been at the mercy of your promises before, Solomon.”

“Don’t you worry, love, this time you can definitely count on me!”

Sol waited until they were well away from the airport, zipping down the highway towards Taxila as fast as the little car could take them, within reason. It hadn’t been well-received that the trip would take a good forty-five minutes, but Solomon assured them—namely Chloe—that there would at least be air conditioning in the hotel. The breeze coming in through the open windows offered some solace from the heat, though nothing substantial.

“I take it by the scarf that you’ve read up a bit on how things work here, yeah?” Solomon directed the question at Chloe, though his eyes stayed on the road ahead of them. Chloe made a small sound of confirmation in response, staring out the window. “Good. We don’t want to cause a fuss by being rude or anything,” Solomon continued. As always, his tone remained light and jovial. “It may be a bit of an adjustment but Nate should probably do most of the talking when you meet with the client. I could fill you in on all the details, but conversation is a huge part of business dealings over here so they’ll likely tell you their entire sob story over a cup of tea or something. Oh, and here—” He fished a small cloth bag out of his pocket and reached over to drop it in Chloe’s lap. He continued to explain as Chloe opened the bag, producing a simple silver wedding band. “Since you’ll be sharing a room at the hotel, it’s best if you two act like you’re married. An unmarried man and woman staying in the same room would be bad enough, but I have a feeling it’d be even worse for a married man and an unmarried woman, if you get my meaning.”

Nathan blinked between the seats, looking into the rear view, making a futile attempt at gauging Chloe’s reaction. Of course, he’d be lying if he didn’t recall Yemen when Sully’d attempted to hug Elena upon their arrival. ”Shouldn’t be a problem, right, sweetie?” He’d grin, flicking his gaze away from the rear view. He could just feel her staring daggers at the back of his head.  

Of course, he’d have fun playing pretend, but if Elena got wind of it, she’d give him a swift kick in the ass. 
Or Chloe would just do it for her. Covers were covers, all pretend. But sometimes even covers were questioned.

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